3 Ways Appara Helps Send Business Consultancy Soaring

3 Ways Appara Helps Send Business Consultancy Soaring

Consulting is a competitive business and even when you are able to provide great value for your existing clients, it is often difficult to use that to find new business. One of our clients, a business consulting firm was faced with a similar issue: They had fantastic outcomes for their current clients but did not have enough clients to really drive business success.

For them, the path to success was simple for us to identify: full-service email marketing campaigns worked to increase the total number of participants, partners, and annual programs that they ran. Before this, they were ready to shut their doors on their consulting firm then, we helped guide them on how best to leverage a lead generation based email marketing campaign.

The new strategy led to increasing their clients from 2 to 48 in the span of two and a half year and clients now recommend them at a much higher rate.

Interested in knowing how this happened? Here are the 3 key takeaways:

First – Subject lines matter

The subject line is the introduction to your message, so it must be catchy, effective and interesting. It is what will encourage users to open your email to read your content so really think about what you want to communicate. Your subject line should convey some of the messages, but also offer an incentive that will nudge someone should click to read more.

For example, an email that received a high rate of click-throughs for this consulting client had the subject, “Are you wearing too many hats?” with accompanying layout and graphics. This helped grab user attention, while also sending a clear message.

Second – Highly targeted messaging is effective

This means really understanding who your target customer is and delivering messages that will be relevant to them. Many try to establish a blanket marketing scheme, but that is no longer what works.

This business consulting firm was able to see results because they understood what was most important to their model client: Knowing their goals, but not having the time to strategize and execute on them. That was the driving factor in crafting messages, and it got them the right results.

Third –  Establish trust and keep an open line of communication

Once you have established the hook for your email marketing and who you want to target, the next step is to focus on the content itself. Email marketing often falls victim to being too promotional and it is better to avoid that.

Instead, work to build trust with new and existing clients by providing them valuable information and ensure that there are easy ways for clients to communicate with you if they would like to learn more. Full-service marketing is most effective when there is a level of credibility involved.

Full-service email marketing is one of the best methods to increase business and drive long-term success. Schedule an Insight Session call with us today to learn more about how we can help your business. We will discuss your needs and show you why you can trust us to meet your goals.


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